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Recent updates to GenX2005 include many new things that you might not be aware of, such as:

Windows 7 Compatible Genx2005 is Windows 7 Compatible. It can also be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows 7.
GenX2005 Escrow Accounting Choose between 2 different escrow accounting options. Use the GenX2005 escrow accounting module, or, if you prefer Quicken export your data from GenX2005 into Quicken.
Added Title Insurance Companies We have added the following Title Insurance Companies: Title Resources Guaranty, United General, Westcor, and WFG.
Store HUD Line Phrases Store common phrases used on the HUD and select from them when filling out a HUD.
HUD Addendum We have included a HUD Addendum (click the print icon while in the HUD to find it) for items that will not fit into the available space.
Export Data Select specific data from GenX to export into Microsoft Excel or a text file.
E-mail E-mail selected documents, HUD statements, or entire closing packages directly from the program.
Print Preview Print preview any document using pdfFactory.
Save Descriptions Save Schedule B exceptions, etc., directly to your hard drive and easily call them up. No retyping the same information.
Manual Rates You can turn off the automatic calculation of Title Insurance premiums on a per file basis.
Lender Maintenance Save printing selections for a particular lender, and re-use those selections every time you work with that lender.
Management Reports Designate file processors, title processors and originators for each file and use filtered reports to show all files for a particular processor, originator, lender etc.
1099-S Printing Print your 1099 eligible closings directly onto the IRS 1099-S form, as long as you do not exceed 250 closings per year.
Pro Policy Keep track of outstanding policies as well as policies remitted. The amount to remit is calculated automatically so you only have to cut one check at the end of the month. No more manual logging of policies.
Save Documents, Statements, Closings Save selected documents, HUD statements, or entire closing packages anywhere on your hard drive in pdf format.
Notes Are there any special circumstances you want to remember about a particular closing? Go to Inner Office and type a note that will remain attached to the file.
Variable MERS Language You now have the ability to select the language used on MERS mortgages on lender by lender basis.
2011 MA Homestead Protection Law We have added updated documents that comply with the 2011 changes to this law.
Real Estate Transfer Taxes Real estate transfer taxes can now be disabled on a per file basis.

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